• Educational stakeholders

  • Professional organisations and federations

  • Policy makers

 Relevance to the case-study requirements

  Mediterranean Europe and Greece in particular, are regions vulnerable to increased fire risk due to changing climatic conditions. The analysis of the fire risk for regions where forest fires represent a major hazard can provide to the wildfires stakeholders a better understanding of what they need from climate services. To demonstrate the value of the climate services to a broad audience (i.e. short term fire planning, long term fire policy making and educational stakeholders), informative training tools need to be developed.

  The National Observatory of Athens (NOA) has developed  a interactive user-friendly web based application for the analysis of the  fire risk. This application can function as an educational software to complement the two web-based applications also developed in the framework of climate information of the fire risk. It further expands knowledge in fire risk addressing the needs for in-depth training of all involved professionals.